Ditch the post hole auger and cement mixer, because we've got a product! That's right, 360 degrees of vinyl fence post adjustment and flexibility than, there's no other that match's the quality and strength of our internal pipe to vinyl post mount install system. Put us to the test, and you'll see what we mean!




Drive 2-3/8" Galvanized pipe below ground  4 Ft. fence products

Position upper & lower Slip Mounts.

Line & Level, fasten on with screws.

Sleeve over vinyl fence post. fence installation

      Average Install time, 5 Minutes & No Mess!

In 2008 It became our passion to provide a simpler solution with the creation of a device that is durable and a fast application of installing a vinyl fence posts, this is what drove us to come up with Slip Mount System™  and still drives us today! 
Customers and business save valuable time and money, making vinyl fences are stronger, last longer. 

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No matter what vinyl fence brand you are installing, Slip Mount SystemTM works with all! Designed to fit 5" vinyl fence post profiles of standard wall thickness or Econo wall posts. The internal steel pipe becomes the inner core strength of the vinyl post, making the overall fence stronger!

                        Slip Mounts Adapt Pipe to Fence Posts.



 Manufactured and Distributed Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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 Slip Mount System™ making vinyl fences stronger, faster to install when compared to traditional dig-and-pour concrete post install. The Driven in galvanized chain link pipe acts as the vinyl post's internal strength structure.  Slip Mount System adapts pipe to fit square hollow fence posts, designed to withstand extreme weather and high wind load. It’s simply the easier, better, faster way to install vinyl fences. 
Slip Mount System North American Made

Whether you’re a Do-It-Yourself homeowner or a fence supply wholesaler looking for that next innovative product, Slip Mount System offers you Digless Possibilities!

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