Vinyl & Ornamental Enclosure Fence Systems

​ We locally CNC fabricate our products that allow us to design fence systems for both residential and commercial clients along with our customized pet fence product lines.

 Our Vinyl profiles offer Pro Rated Manufactures Lifetime Warranty!

When you've been in business for a while, you learn a few things or in our case more than a few.  Not only do we have simple ready-to-implement solutions for almost every problem, we are a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to providing quality long term products designed for the fence and pet industry at your home, work or your business. We manufacture and buy right, add value and manage effectively for the long term.

It's about teamwork, communication, growth and excellence in service!


Our standards are high! So high in fact, we're in a league of our own, moving our entire industry forward. The Erie Creek brand name has become synonymous with the high quality craftsmanship products.

No one ever complained  It's over the top!


Our manufactured mold injected products and vinyl fence profiles are officially recognized and authorized.


 Digless Vinyl Fence Installation!

  Designed and manufactured in Canada, this fence post leveling device, Slip Mount System TM offers digless install options for vinyl and ornamental fence styles.

Canadian designed and manufactured Now 10 years of proven reliability! 



​We’ve worked hard to achieve an admirable reputation and maintaining these superior standings is something we consider to be a natural passion. Every job we complete should result in your total satisfaction.

We’ll do what it takes to have you arrive at that happy place!


Our design team believes in inventing new and improved sustainable products for the long run that simply do not need to be replaced due to their quality, function and style.

Simply to never become old! 


   Fence Systems & Pet Solutions 

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Ask and you shall receive, Industry-specific questions? We have the intent to answer them in the most thorough way.

Trust our professional guidance to get you to that perfect place of informed decision-making!


Valhalla K9 Designs

K-9 Training Structures  

We use the same high quality impact resistant durable vinyl fence profiles in our K9 Jumps, crawls & walks we design for sport and working dog training.


                         Lock N' Load                            K-9 Training Structures!

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