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About Slip Mount SystemTM

Early Growth & Development

 We believe there is a better way to install fence by adding value using a structural system that’s far less invasive, we have been transforming daily business operations bringing their employee’s productivity volume to the next level! Our customers are earned rather than bought, we’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it.

We focus on simplifying education providing knowledge of our innovative products, as It's one of the least understood fence installation systems on the market. When you discover a disruptive opportunity that will transform an existing market by adding a value network, then we’re excited to share it with you!

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The Slip Mount Story

A New Leaf


The device in design had to hit all the check boxes and in less then 6 months, from drawing to filing and registering design patents, tooling and production and not to mention a large Canada wide fence wholesaler supplier with a PO in hand waiting on the 1st production run. The vinyl fence industry was about to see something that would change it, forever.     

With the official launch on February 4th 2009 the device known as SILP MOUNT entered the vinyl fence market and by the summer of 2010 the new innovative device had gained allot of respect in the Canadian vinyl fence community. After a glimpse of the demand, focus shifted to power the development of 2-new tools, REDUCER INSERT and TOP-RAIL LOCK. 


Professional affiliations

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With our latest marketing efforts reaching into the USA, we rebranded from the name SLIP MOUNT and formed a new company SLIP MOUNT SYSTEM Inc. Incorporated in March 2017 and we also took on a business partner. In May of 2019 we celebrated 10 years of production.

Our founder Dave Zant, while managing a building supply and installation company in Calgary Alberta in around 2008 the company started to experience tremendous growth with one of its product lines, (Vinyl Fence) however problems were evident with supplier’s components contributing to the fence installation system. Something had to change, better quality product and more reliable. Dave started on a new design to fix the issues they were experiencing and It had to hit every check box: #1. Fit 2-3/8” pipe, #2. Made of impact resistant material, #3. Handle cold & hot

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Slip Mount System North American Made

Vinyl Fence
Installation System

Dave having 10 years experience in areas of geosynthetics, polyethylene piping systems, plastic mold injection and PVC profile extrusion and being involved with company engineers, designers in the field constructing technical aspects in developing ideas and working systems all involving the use of plastic technology.  

temperatures, #4. Withstand stress from wind pressures #6. 360⁰ adjustable, #7. Quick attachment and most important #8. Supply available on demand.    


Manufactured and distributed  Calgary, Alberta Canada.
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