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Ornamental steel fence panels using our SMS vinyl post kits

We combined our vinyl fence post and internal (SMS) Slip Mount System TM installation kit with Ameristar Montage Plus® ornamental steel panels, available in 4 and 5 Ft heights. This estate looking fence design is popular among business, residential home and acreage owners who are looking for security, yet a fence design that has an open view of the natural surrounding landscape!

Strength & Beauty
Fusion welded steel fence panels provide the ultimate in strength and security. The metal fence panels also provide the distinctive look of a wrought iron fence but with none of the maintenance demanded by wrought-iron. Maintenance-free E-Coat provides superior corrosion protection in virtually any climate and it is backed by a 20 year warranty against corrosion.

Easily Follows Any Grade
Specially formed architectural metal fence components are joined to form panels that are biasable up to 30", allowing this ornamental picket fence to follow any grade, that is, to be installed along a slope.