- 6 Ft Tall Privacy or 4-5 Ft Picket Style

- Color Match to Fence style

- Hardware Latch and Hinge Kit Included

- Adjustable width from 44" opening down.

- Knock down version, assembled on site.


​​                        ERIE CREEK FENCE  Our Do-IT-Yourself Fence Center Packages! 

Sold throughout Western Canada for the past 10 years,  Erie Creek Fence is known for its quality, durability and intense structural integrity along with its unique installation technique known as SLIP MOUNT SYSTEM TM. Our vinyl fence uses a digless vertical internal galvanized 2-3/8" steel post, power driven below ground.  The fence bottom rail also comes with a internal galvanized rail reinforcement eliminating rail sag and provides extra strength against fence wind and snow load, giving you long term vinyl fence performance. Our high quality North American VMA Certified extruded (PVC) profiles are all backed with a "Limited Manufactures Lifetime Warranty"  

Really, it’s simply the best and we can prove it! 

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Our wood grain Dark Walnut series is manufactured in the USA using the toughest resin blends with the most advanced UV protection under the sun, the formulation in our outer layer is engineered to significantly reduce oxidation and the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even in harsh climates the color and sheen of our products is protected for longer periods of time and backed with a manufactures "Limited Lifetime Warranty"

Installation Note: Wood grain series Dark Walnut fences are 6 Ft on center spacing with reinforced internal galvanized steel top and bottom rails!

STEP # 2

 6 FT Privacy - Color Tan & White: The Regina ~ The wheat color of this fence style blends into any garden or prairie landscape! 

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        Ordering Erie Creek Fence Kits made simple! Contact us for order sheet

 6 FT Privacy - Color White: The Arctic ~ This Package most popular and never goes out of style! 

 6 FT Privacy - Color Clay & Tan: The Okanagan ~ The sagebrush and sand color of this fence has that warm neutral feeling! 

        Gate Kit!

 4 & 5 FT Picket - Color White: The Victoria ~ Historic traditional design will never get old!  Make 3-top styles from 1 kit!

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- Blank Post, Inc. SMS Pipe/Mounts & Cap

- End  Post, Inc. SMS Pipe/ Mounts & Cap

- Corner Post, Inc. SMS Pipe/ Mounts & Cap

- Line Post, Inc. SMS Pipe/Mounts & Cap

- 3-Way Post, Inc.SMS Pipe/ Mounts & Cap


- All panel kits include, materials between posts." Panel Kit"

- Standard color kits come 8 Ft on centers set up. 

- Custom Wood Grain panel kits come 6 Ft on centers set up.

* All panel kits can be custom cut to fit from max width down.    

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